Welcome to my site. 
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  About me?  Well... I love traveling.  Currently we have 4 New Zealanders home-exchanges visiting with us.  We stayed at their place February 2010.  This year we hope to go to Argentina in the fall.  From there I want to walk on the South Pole. Argentina is the closest county to the SP.  If you are interested in traveling with us...come on! we've got room, as we are exchanging with 3 bedroom 2 bath condo in Buenos Aries.  In 2009 We visited Ireland. With the help of a wonderful Irish gentleman we found where our Great Great Grandfather is buried and where our Grandmother Anna Belle was born.  With a little luck and alot of work I received my Irish citizenship and passport. I'm ready to go back & spend time there some distant cousins.  
What else.... Oh yes, I love my family, my friends and my life with Henry.   

Thant's all for now.  Would l enjoy hearing from you.