To those who truly know me...
You have either met or heard of my Aunt Mary...

            Mary Schneider Conrad
Was my favorite Aunt, second mother and life mentor.  I will miss our every other-day phone calls.
Aunt Mary was exactly 30 years older than me.  We always compared what she looked like 30 years back (me) and  what I will look like 30 years in the future (her). lol

She was fit as a fiddle, always walking, exercising and keeping busy. She even led a stretch & yoga class at the retirement center where she lived.

She was most proud of her son Ray and daughter-in-law Jeanne, watching them reach their lifetime business dreams.

She & I had a Fun Girls weekend together  November 20. Then just 3 weeks later she fell down a flight of stairs and lost her life...
I  miss her, yet I know she is in Gods hands. 
My memories of our time together are gifts that I will always treasure.  

    Mary Conrad made a difference. 
     She was a very very special lady.
Katherine Dunbar



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